TruZt Consulting Services: Personal representation in Europe

We act as personal representatives of our loyal investors overseas, mainly in Europe. We liaise between our client and the second party, prioritising the interests of our client in a trustworthy environment.

TruZt Consulting | Hospitality and Tourism related Industries

  • Consulting on hospitality and tourism related industries on service performance,
  • Ghost Guest: Report on the service performance of your hotel. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your service and suggest areas of positive and special focus and areas of improvement,
  • Specific training can be developed and customized to improve talent performance, if required.

TruZt Consulting | Start-ups

We believe in the inspiration of young entrepreneurs and give them the opportunity to promote their business ideas to potential investors. We act as the main liaison between entrepreneurs seeking financial support and investors. Our main aim is to support young entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams of starting their own business and achieving success in the industry.

The start-up business idea is examined and analysed before making it available to potential investors. After approval from our panel of experts, we disseminate and promote the business idea among our network of prospective investors. All applicants for TruZt start-ups benefit from an in-depth global approach with opportunities for financing.

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    Head Office in Switzerland

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    Tel: 41 (0) 27 530 13 83