Customised investment hunter and acquisition

We do not act as a financial provider or advisor, instead, we are committed to customising our investment hunt, whilst delivering  a smooth, pleasant and personalised approach to our clients.

Our confidential and trusting relationships ensure that our clients are able to lead the way in the search for global investment opportunities. This approach, along with three decades of in-depth knowledge of our local experts overseas, results in a portfolio of bespoke solutions.

Once the acquisition is secure, we also offer our clients the option of managing the asset on their behalf.

Our decades of experience allow us to identify the ideal investment for our clients. Our extensive global network of expertise focuses on (but is not limited to) searching investment opportunities in the following industries:

Real State






Our customised investment seeking & acquisition cycle includes the following services:

Customised investment seeking analysis

1. Processing the investment/ real estate search request
2. Assessing client needs
3. Analysing the search for internal and external investment
4. Expert advise for cost-saving opportunities

Customised investment hunt portfolio

1. Portfolio of customised solutions
2. Negotiation support

Customised project management & development services

1. Asset Management: Optional phase for investors transferring project management to TruZt. (Fees adjusted according to project)

Customised investment acquisition

1. Support for technical and legal due diligence
2. Investment acquisition procedures | Investment consolidation

We have gained the trust of our loyal investors and look forward to serving you in the fulfillment of all your requirements as your prime personal investment hunter.

If you are interested in our TruZt I customised investment hunting and acquisition services or project management and development services, please complete the RFT | Request for TruZt below or send us an email at:

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