We deliver excellence through our core values:

Reliable and effective processes

We uphold the value of honesty and inspire trust in all our clients

Customised service

We serve our clients as unique individuals and seek opportunities in accordance with their specific requirements

Expertise and know-how

We provide a professional service with expertise in global investment

About us

We are a Swiss Made company committed to advising, supporting and providing customised investment opportunities to all clients around the globe. With over three decades of experience, we offer investment solutions, particularly in Real Estate, that uphold the highest values of trust, customised service and know-how. We aim to support foreign investors by searching opportunities which are tailored to their requirements and objectives. We understand the complexity and challenge of investing overseas, which is why the qualified members of our team act as your personal assistant throughout the investment cycle.

Our main focus is you, and by staying true to our values, we are able to deliver a unique, exceptional and trustworthy service.

If you are interested in our TruZt I customised investment hunting and acquisition services or project management and development services, please complete the RFT | Request for TruZt below or send us an email at: info@truzt.ch

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    Head Office in Switzerland

    Staldenstrasse, 12
    3920 Zermatt | Switzerland
    Tel: 41 (0) 27 530 13 83
    E-Mail: info@truzt.ch